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Nic McWilliams

As a coach over the last 6 years Iv’e focused on working with every day people- doctors, nurses, builders, bankers, and even teenagers who are just setting foot into a gym for the first time. (Real People, Real Results)  I like to use more of a functional hypertrophy approach to building muscle and strength, not focusing on aesthetics, but making sure the client is also moving their body correctly first and setting performance based goals.  As an initial starting point of all training programs I will use structural balance principles aimed at correcting weaknesses, faulty movement patterns, and tight muscles through corrective exercises. This can sometimes be as simple as following a 1:1 ratio between upper body push and pull movements as well as looking at antagonistic muscle groups. I believe this applies to everyone regardless if you want to jump up on stage and compete in a physique competition or just feel better playing with your kids on the weekend. This sets up a strong foundation and provides longevity in and out of the gym.


kim leggett

I’m Kim Leggett, a former Miss Universe Malaysia, Face to Face and Online Coach with over a decades with of experience dating back to 2010. I have competed in numerous WBFF and IFBB shows as a fitness model and specialize in body transformations, strength & hypertrophy training and comp prep with a big emphasis on nutrition. If you follow me on social media I am also a host of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast and manage their Public Relations. I have been unhealthy, overweight, underweight and everything in between. However, these experiences and lessons have taught me a lot about training, nutrition and maintaining work-life balance, to transform into the healthiest, strongest and happiest version of myself. I love the life that I have built as a health & fitness professional and bikini competitor, where I can use my passion and enthusiasm to promote health, fitness and wellbeing. My goal is to add as much value as possible through educating my clients on ways to make sustainable lifestyle changes through diet and resistance training to get achieve their goal physique!

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We call it coaching because we offer much more than ‘personal training’ in a traditional sense. We offer 1-1 body composition coaching, strength and conditioning coaching for athletes and beginners, fitness and lifestyle coaching, plus much more. Our coaches are highly experienced and are here to guide and deliver you realistic results. All Coaches use the Trainerize software suit, which keeps clients and coaches in touch, creates and outlines training programs, tracks clients progress, outlines nutrition diaries and has a great free app for both iOS and Android.

All our coaches have access to the medical grade InBody 570 body analyzer, which uses a noninvasive bio impedance scan, which in only 45 seconds can give you a full breakdown of all the relevant metrics regarding your health and body composition including bodyfat, muscle mass, hydration levels and much more.

A tip from our Head Coach Nic McWilliams:
When training at home it is challenging to work your key lifts with the same amount of weight you usually use, and to do so in a safe environment. I suggest focusing on technique, mind muscle connection and stimulating the muscle with hypertrophy specific training methods such as tempo, time under tension, less rest time between sets and higher reps.

Supplementation Advice:
Here at Church St Fitness we are not aligned with any supplement brand or specific nutrition company, all our products have been researched in-depth and chosen carefully by our Coaches. With our new range of supplements we can provide you with superior solutions for your pre, intra and post workout needs. Our Coaches can offer your advice on nutrition and how to add supplements into your existing diet. We always promote correct eating habits and prioritise getting your much needed macro and micro nutrients from ‘real’ food.

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