About us

Who We Are

Church St Fitness is a brand new, vibrant and energetic gym based in the heart of Middle Brighton. The Brighton Bayside area has always been known for its fitness fanatics and now you can stop Googling, “best gyms Brighton”, because in 2021 we are proud and excited to be able to offer a cross-disciplined facility that can give members a detailed fitness roadmap that can meet all training and wellbeing needs.

Our General Manager Josh has always been a fan of creating and refining spaces to produce the best training environments. “I always found that fitness franchises or gyms with more of a corporate feel had a time and place in the industry, but they couldn’t quite generate the training atmosphere that people were craving. Boutique or grungy garage gyms always had something diverse and magical to offer. So, I kept asking myself, why we can’t take the best bits of both worlds and create a hybrid model?”

The concept behind Church St Fitness was to combine the feel of a boutique studio with the freedom and sense of community you get in a big box gym. We visualized a space with clean lines and sleek fittings but was filled with heavy duty, American made equipment, Olympic lifting platforms and the right lighting to make any selfie look like an after photo.

State of the art equipment

Train With Experts and get results

MEET THE coaches

Nic McWilliams

As a coach over the last 6 years Iv’e focused on working with every day people- doctors, nurses, builders, bankers, and even teenagers who are just setting foot into a gym for the first time. (Real People, Real Results)  I like to use more of a functional hypertrophy approach to building muscle and strength, not focusing on aesthetics, but making sure the client is also moving their body correctly first and setting performance based goals.  As an initial starting point of all training programs I will use structural balance principles aimed at correcting weaknesses, faulty movement patterns, and tight muscles through corrective exercises. This can sometimes be as simple as following a 1:1 ratio between upper body push and pull movements as well as looking at antagonistic muscle groups. I believe this applies to everyone regardless if you want to jump up on stage and compete in a physique competition or just feel better playing with your kids on the weekend. This sets up a strong foundation and provides longevity in and out of the gym.

kim leggett

I’m Kim Leggett, a former Miss Universe Malaysia, Face to Face and Online Coach with over a decades with of experience dating back to 2010. I have competed in numerous WBFF and IFBB shows as a fitness model and specialize in body transformations, strength & hypertrophy training and comp prep with a big emphasis on nutrition. If you follow me on social media I am also a host of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast and manage their Public Relations. I have been unhealthy, overweight, underweight and everything in between. However, these experiences and lessons have taught me a lot about training, nutrition and maintaining work-life balance, to transform into the healthiest, strongest and happiest version of myself. I love the life that I have built as a health & fitness professional and bikini competitor, where I can use my passion and enthusiasm to promote health, fitness and wellbeing. My goal is to add as much value as possible through educating my clients on ways to make sustainable lifestyle changes through diet and resistance training to get achieve their goal physique!

Why we're different

Our studio is divided into four unique spaces that have a specific purpose and feel. Our entrance and reception are welcoming, you can grab a seat and have a chat with one of our team members regarding membership, 1-1 coaching or any other enquiries you might have about the facility. You will also be able to check-in, grab yourself an ice-cold pre-workout from the fridge and a complimentary hand towel. Our supplement range is well thought out, we decided to mix and match between different brands to ensure we can offer the products that we know are the best available. The amazing InBody 570 body analyzer is in this space too, click here to find out more on how it works and how you can use it.

Our next space is the C-FIT functional area, here you will find kettle bells, racks, a double sled track, rowers, ski ergs, free runners and much more. This is a modular space where you can create your own conditioning or cardio based circuit. Here you have the freedom to be creative and piece together your own workout that compliments your own goals. Group coaching and classes are also held in this space. Check out our timetable here for more info on how to book.

The largest space in our gym is our strength room, this is where our fresh 2020 Precor, Nautilus and Iron Edge equipment lives. This is a fun and uplifting space for an experienced athlete to take part in a serious strength and conditioning session but also an encouraging space for a first-time lifter to come and feel iron for the first time. Here you will find our infamous Nautilus Glute Drive and Hack-Squat. This is the area where your body composition coach will be taking most of your 1 on 1 coaching sessions too.

In-between these two areas is our Cycle studio, this dark and ready room is where you can spin your heart out to immersive customized visuals and the best soundtracks, whilst all your data is captured in real time and shot up on our 100-inch screen. The space is fully climate controlled and can hold 15 spin participants on our brand-new Schwinn Performance bikes. You can fin out more about Cycle here.