What we do

Resistance & Cardio Training in a boutique setting

At Church St Fitness we use Precor and Nautilus resistance machines that deliver a smooth, full range of motion, perfect for Bodybuilders who need to isolate specific muscle groups and for beginners who need to create that very important mind muscle connection. The latest editions to our collection is the Nautilus GLUTE DRIVE and the HACK SQUAT. Our adjustable benches have more increments because we understand the importance of working through a range of angles to accommodate specific exercises. I’ts not hard to miss our range of brand new Precor treadmills, bikes and cross trainers too. Don’t let me forget our two Stairmasters to get those 10,000 steps in.

Our Iron Edge dumbbells start at 1kg and go up to 50kg, and our fixed barbells start at 10kg and go up to 45kg. We have two dedicated Olympic lifting platforms that each have their own toaster rack filled with bumper plates ranging from 5kg-25kg. Our glute drive and leg press have dedicated 20kg Rouge plates to deliver efficiency when training and to eliminate plate shortages in peak times. Our portfolio is too large to list so pop down to have a tour of the facility.

Coaching (personal training) and Body Composition

We call it coaching because we offer much more than ‘personal training’ in a traditional sense. We offer 1-1 body composition coaching, strength and conditioning coaching for athletes and beginners, fitness and lifestyle coaching, plus much more. Our coaches are highly experienced and are here to guide and deliver you realistic results. Find out more about our coaches here.
All our coaches have access to the medical grade InBody 570 body analyzer, which uses a noninvasive bio impedance scan, which in only 45 seconds can give you a full breakdown of all the relevant metrics regarding your health and body composition including bodyfat, muscle mass, hydration levels and much more. Find out more about booking your InBody scan here.


Here at Church St Fitness we have a NEW dedicated class that we have adapted to suit the distance conscious environment we now live in. C-FIT is our new multi-disciplined class focusing on the foundations of resistance training and conditioning. We use training methodology such as tempo training, HIIT and functional movement patterns to give members a well rounded full-body workout.

All classes are delivered using free weights, kettlebells and conditioning specific cardio equipment. All skill levels welcome. Read more about booking your class here.

RIDE Class

Our brand NEW heart thumping and leg pumping Ride classes are launching soon at Church St Fitness Brighton. Each class is held in our dedicated Ride Studio using our Schwinn A/C Performance bikes and live data tracking Spivi system from the USA. We have two amazing class types, one is specifically customized to track your power output, RPM and an optional heart rate too. The other is pure rhythm riding where you get lost in the beat and ride to the rhythm.

Using the Spivi App you have the freedom to book the bike of your choice and further track all your classes to see week on week improvements. 


The best thing about our memberships is the flexibility. Join for a day, a month or a year with no financial commitment. You should be here because you want to, not because you have to. We have different membership options and packages to suit everyone that walks through the door. Find out more about memberships here.